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Monitor loaded variables

A future version of Path will track which variables are currently loaded. Information about the value that was loaded, the configuration it was loaded from, etc will be kept.

Keeping track of this information will have some benefits. For example, it will be possible to see which variable need updating and what their new values would be. New configuration could be created with the currently loaded set including new values set outside of path.


A future version of Path will allow a snapshot of the environment to be created. When you get your environment just right, save it.

Sourcing files

A future version of path will add the ability to source a file. The things that path manages will not be limited to environment variable. It will include any environment setting.

For example, add a set of aliases to a configuration.

Environment variables are easy to unset. Other settings are not. Source files will have cooresponding unsource files. These files will be run when a source file is unloaded allowing you to unset aliases or whatever it is you changed in the first place.